GM Brakes-rotor wear

Mechanic says my front brake rotors on my 2005 impala will be below specks after turning. Only 48000 miles on my car. Would like to know rotor specks and how thin they can be to be right. Thanks

From the many postings on this site it depends on the amount of turning your rotors need…many cannot be turned and are routinely replaced…I wouldn’t drive with marginally thin rotors.

You made 48K without pulsating,thats great,get the new rotors.I found the Impala prone to pedal pulsation.

Well, it’ll have the minimum thickness rating printed on the rotor.

Rotors on newer cars are a lot thinner than the big thick ones they used to use on earlier disc-brake systems. As a result, the difference between the “new” thickness and the “discard” thickness is often pretty small so you can only turn them once or twice, if at all. Luckily, the newer thinner rotors are usually a lot cheaper to replace.