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Giving cars a rest

My husband thinks the car runs better after letting it rest a day or two; Is this correct?

Ummm…no. Unless your car has some mysterious ailment heretofore unknown to most auto mechanics.

On a rational basis, there is nothing to support this notion.

It would be interesting to hear the logic behind this. What’s his reason for thinking this?

Actually the reverse is true. A vehicles likes it warm when it’s operating. Leaving it set just cools things off. Short trips and stop and go are murder on vehicles. A lot of interstate or road miles is best for the longevity of motor vehicles.

Sounds like a tiny dose of placebo at work.

Sounds like carthritis…

Well…this is a test isn’t it ? Ok, yes, you need a new husband.

Machines are happiest when they run.

Has anybody asked the car how it feels about this?

I have always thought that my Dakota seems to be more spry and peppy when it’s had a chance to just kick back and take a little nap. 20 minutes will do wonders!!!

Ohhh, wait…that’s me!!!


Husbands run better after resting for a day or two.
Cars prefer to be run regularly.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my nap.

Cars don’t get “tired”, like your husband. Cars need to be thoroughly warmed up before being shut off for maximum long life. Like people, they get “:bunged up” with too little strenuous exercise.

Sounds like a great excuse to get out of doing any running around for 2 day stretches at a time. No can do honey, car is resting…

I hate to ruin a good gig for a guy but since I didn’t think of it…

A day or 2 of not running errands. Smart man. I going to use this one tomorrow.

The only reason letting a car sit is helpful is if you have an older model car and you’re trying to keep use down (that is, you’re taking the bus or a bike when possible, instead).

Maybe it’s an auto immune problem…

Or a lack of motorvation…

I was told that my Toyota tractor would run better if I abused it a little. They are meant to get dirty and have dents. Maybe cars are opposite. Maybe it just needs a little TLC, shampoo and back rub.

My carburated trucks do not like to sit.
Both 80 Bronco and 79 Chevy pickup…
If you drove it today, tomorow you could just twist the key and, vrooom, they start right up. Let 'em sit a few days and ‘‘fugetaboudit’’, you have to play the gas pedal a bit to get them awake.
The Bronco was so good , as I was showing it for sale one day, I reached through the open drivers window and barely bumped the key over and it soomed to life …the guy standing next to me could not believe it was carburated !