Getting tired of this car! Oil Light Issues

Hey everyone!! I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire that i bought for my girlfriend as a around town kind of car. Well, lately i have been having a issue with the oil light. After about 30 to 45 min of driving, when im stopped at the light at idle, the oil lihgt will come on, then if i tap the pedal it will go off, the engine will rev ever so slightly, and when it levels out it will come back on! Now, I know ur thinking low oil, but i have checked it, and its full 100% with 10w30. I also replaced the oil pressure sensor, and as of yesterday (sunday) I installed a new oil pump, and oil pan gasket, and still the light comes on!! Now im at my whits end. I am out of ideas, and i just want it to last a little longer till i get the money to buy her a new car. Any ideas on what i can do to stop this?? Maybe some thicker oil? If so, like what?? Thanks everyone for your help!!!

For a 1997 car I think you should just live with a oil light that comes on at idle but quickly goes away. You have already spent way too much on this issue,wish you would have asked before you put a pump in, Och!

20w-50 and start car shopping. This car is likely done.

You didn’t tell us the mileage on this '97 Sunfire (hope you weren’t trying to impress her), but if you’ve replaced the oil pressure sensor and the oil pump you have to consider the possibility that the engine is worn out, and nothing you do will correct it, unless you’re willing to pay for an engine rebuild.

I think you should not plan to keep this car very long. Cut your losses and move on.

If you put an oil pressure gauge on it, and it still indicates low oil pressure, you could install a new set of rod and crankshaft bearings in the engine. Some people can still do this with the engine in the car. Realize that this is frowned on by many mechanics. Choices, choices, choices!

Lol, thanks guys! Oldschool, i work for a parts store, so the pump wasnt expensive at all, all together it was abt 35 bucks with the gasket and new oil. But the old pump was worn just bc she sounded alot better when we started her. But yeah, makes me wish i never put the damn pump in!! LOL, oh well, couldnt hurt.

Andrew: Ill try that, and im already looking for another car, but the sad part is i cant really afford much, and i dont want another payment for a car, but idk, ill try and find something cheap just for the winter. Thanks!

mcparadise: Well, according to the dash it has 125,XXX on it, but i suspect a diffrent motor, bc the valve cover says 97 cavalier on it, so god only knows what happened. And no, i surely wasnt trying to impress her at all, i just wanted to get her a car that was small, cheap (i payed 250 for the car) and good on gas, something she can get to and from work in. Other then this, the body, and interior is in great shape. Even if i had to put a motor in (i already found them for 200 and i can do the work myself) it really isnt that bad.

But thanks guys, ill try the 20w40 and go from there. I figured the motor was on her way out, im just trying to squeeze as much out of it that i can. I just can afford too much right now, and with her working part time, it really isnt helping finacially. Thank god so far ive only put another 100 (maybe) into the car, and its not that big of a loss. Oh well, u live and learn, but thanks guys!!