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Getting screwed on car maintenance

Theresa) I had my car for a year. I had to bring in my car 4 times to get repair. First time I went back to dealer twice and the problem was not fix but my estate coverage covered the price$1,441.95. Ok then i went to curran volkswagen for the first time had to paid $174.00 in April2010 and the second time $944.64 sep 2010 and last time $290.40 and my estate coverage did not cover any of this. I had to paid for all of this crap

I’m unfamiliar with the term “estate coverage”. Is this a new car warranty, or an extended warraty, or perhaps a limited used car warranty?

What is the year and mileage of the car, exactly what are the symptoms, and exactly what has been done to date to correct the symptoms? Is the car now fixed. or can we help find a solution?

Without details as to what work was done, it is hard for us to help you determine if you “got screwed” or not.

Once the warranty runs out, it would be to your advantage to find a good independent VW specialist. Usually the independents are cheaper overall than the VW dealers.


Unless you simply want to vent your anger, your post does not contain the information necessary for you to get an answer to your question. And, by the way–What is your question?

If you want responses that have any real value, you need to supply details such as:

The model year of your car
The current odometer mileage of your car
Whether it is still covered by any of the warranties
Whether it was purchased as a used car or a new car

Were you having the car maintained or repaired? There is a difference.
What specifically was the reason for each of these 4 visits to a maintenance/repair facility?
What specifically was done to the car on each of those 4 visits?
What is “estate coverage”?

Just venting…?

The O/P technically didn’t ask a question. I don’t see why anyone is replying to this poorly written post.

You just did!

I replied because I detected a possibility of an individual in need of help for whom English may not be his/her primary language. Even if the person was just “venting”, a sympathetic ear can be a help.

A language barrier should not also be a barrier to helping someone in need. Behind that language barrier is a human being. I will continue to try to help those in need even if a language barrier exists. I hope others will continue to join me.