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Gettin hot in here

My 2004 Dodge Stratus has been spiking hot on the temperature gage recently. For the last few days it has had a strong smell of antifreeze. I haven’t seen and dampness on the passenger side floor board, so I don’t think it is the heating coil. Seems to have been running a little hotter than usual recently (week). Coolent levels seem to be in good shape. Doesn’t look low when hot or cool. Fan seems to be running when the car is on. Any thoughts?

First, quit driving it around when this happens before you damage it more.
Second, based on the strong smell, you might have a pinhole leak in a coolant hose.

Flamingo, take this car straight to the shop and have the cooling system pressure tested. Make sure there is plenty of coolant in the system before you go, and if it starts to overheat on the way, shut it off and call for a tow truck.