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boaters in the high desert four corners ....HA HA, surely you jest . :):):)

How about “Lake” Powell? Plenty of powerboats there, well, there used to be , not sure about current water level.

True, but GREAT boating just west of the Four Corners area:

Yes, Lake Powell ( 300 miles one-way, west), Navajo lake ( 200 m. nne ) , Lake Mead ( 300+ m, w ), Elephant Butte ( 280 m. sse )…
So , yah, there’s a few boat owners here but NOT boat fuel until you get to the destination. 'Round these parts boating is an expensive hobby because of the distance and number of days off you need to make it worth while. And most of those boaters keep their boats AT the reservoir all season.

The company I used to work for had boat races on Lake Havasu, also in the dry part of the country.