Geo tracker

i have a geo tracker and the check engine light just came on what could it be please help me!

It’s not a nightmare, but it could be one of a thousand things. Have the car scanned so that you can see the code # and what it is. That is the starting point.

The light indicates that there’s a problem with the emission controls system on the vehicle and that a code has been set in the computer. A scanner needs to be connected to the vehicle to determine what codes have been set which will indicate the area of concern. If the vehicle is a 1996 model year or newer, some parts stores like Autozone will connect a scanner and retrieve any trouble codes for free. Get the code number(s) and the definition(s) and report back, and we’ll see if we can help.


I’m having a hard time seeing your vehicle from here. Can you park it closer to the PC?

Seriously though, the possibilities are almost limitless and without any of the really vital information (Model year, odometer mileage, under what type of conditions you drive, what symptoms your vehicle is displaying in addition to the illuminated CEL, whether is has been maintained according to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, etc.) it is really impossible to give an answer of any value.

As tester mentioned, a scan can be performed free-of-charge at some auto parts retailers and the exact numerical code(s) will give a clue as to what the problem(s) is/are.

Is this the first time the light has come on? I had a 1995 Tracker, and as soon as the odometer turned 50,000 the check engine light came on. Luckily, I knew a technician with access to a scanner. He explained that the light comes on automatically (at least on the '95) as a service interval. A scan of the vehicle showed no error codes, so we turned the light off via the switch in the dash, which is very easy to get to.
Again, this info pertains to a 1995, so it may be obsolete for your year model.