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Geo Prizm Lacks Acceleration

Have 93 Geo Prizm 1.8L LSI, 4speed that has become a gutless wonder recently. And, I believe the clutch plate has worn. Essentially, the car lacks any powertrain transference from engine to rear wheels. When applying the accelerator pedal from a complete stop, the engine revs, but vehicle struggles to gain speed. There is no “smell” associated with this lackluster acceleration nor any noise, but the lack of power and acceleration suggests to me that the transmission and more precisely, the clutch assembly is worn.

Please confirm this theory and/or offer an opinion of your own. Have had this problem in the past with other makes, so I believe this to be the culprit.


Sorry, forget to mention it’s a front-wheel drive.

There is no ‘smell’, because, even as the clutch is slipping, there is not enough pressure to provide good friction. No friction, no heat, no smell.

Basically, you need a clutch.

Your suspicion is correct. You need a new clutch.

You can count this as another vote for replacing the clutch.

As to, “the car lacks any powertrain transference from engine to rear wheels”, you answered that issue with your second post, when you stated, “it’s a front-wheel drive”. I hope you realize that, as a FWD vehicle, power is not transferred to the rear wheels.

Nice catch, big guy.