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Geo Metro Mileage

I have a 1991 Geo Metro XFI with 140,000 miles on it. It passes the California smog test, runs fine, and still gets 46 miles per gallon. That is the same or better than the mileage of the Toyata Prius hybrid which costs $22,000. When the Geo was new it got 52 miles per gallon. Why can’t they make that car now?

Lack of sense is one reason. Lack of profit is maybe another one. A lot of people don’t feel safe in a Metro.

It won’t pass most new car safety tests, and folks want those 5-star ratings. There will be a few cars like that coming in the next couple of years, but most lower gas prices will keep them rare, unfortunately.

I knew someone who had the cousin to the Metro . . . the Suzuki Swift . . . Turbo!  It was really quick and got great mpg.  Why no more of those? Rocketman

Adjusted for inflation the Prius is only about $7k more expensive than the Metro in 91. The Prius is a hundred times the car in terms of overall quality. For a non-hybrid vehicle in that price and mpg range you could also buy a Jetta TDI. Modern sub-compact cars like the Fit/Yaris/Versa cost the same, or even less than the Metro adjusted for inflation but don’t get near 50 mpg. Again, these modern subcompacts are vastly higher quality than the Metro. I really wish there were some more diesel subcompacts/compacts available in the US, or even hybrid diesels, which could give us 80+ mpg…

Similar quesitons have been covered on Car Talk before… as well as other places like Top Gear, etc…
The main answer everybody says is “stuff”: specifically all the safety and other random equipment new(er) cars come with. Not only does all that stuff add to the cost of cars, but adds to their weight- which hurts mileage.

Your little Metro is listed with a curb weight of 1650 lbs.
The Prius is listed as weighing nearly twice that at 2932 lbs.

Glad I’m not the only one lamenting the loss of this great car; I’ve had both a Geo Metro and its twin car, the Suzuki Swift; both 2-door hatchbacks). Had to buy a Toyota Yaris hatch, since another of these wasn’t available, and I’m getting much worse mileage; the design also isn’t half as good. I’d love to buy a Metro/Swift.

At 1650 lbs it’ll give great mpgs, but very poor crash protection. I’ll pay the extra for the gas!

I like the Metro when I am alone in the car.One time a Service Advisor a customer and myself went for a duplication test drive (we all weighed about 240 lbs) that little car could not get out of it’s own way.

Have you ever priced parts like window regulators,door locks,ignition switches for the Geo line? Way expensive,the joke in the shop was buying a few to part out.