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General maintenance after 200,000 miles

I recently passed 200,000 miles on my 99 Ford Expedition. I change the oil every 3 to 5 thousand miles, transmission fluid every 50,000, and the coolant every other year.

Those are the only fluids I know about and was curious if there is anything I’m missing or should check after putting so many miles on my car. Everything runs fine and I hope to keep the car another 100k. Any suggestions on items to check or replace would be appreciative.

Thank you

Don’t forget brake fluid. Also when was the timing belt done? Or does that thing have a timing chain? Look in your owner’s manual. In the maintenance section it should have a schedule with 15-30k increments. Just follow that and you’ll be in business.

Let’s see. There is the differential gear lube. That should have been done a long time ago. And the brake fluid. When was it last changed out? Brake fluid is hydrophyllic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air. 10 years and 200,000 miles is a lot of exposure.

If you have never had the brake fluid changed, then you are truly living dangerously. Because brake fluid is hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture from the air, and this moisture becomes water that dilutes the brake fluid.

In the short term, this diluted brake fluid can cause temporary loss of braking ability on hilly downgrades. In the long term, it will cause corrosion of various components in the brake hydraulic system.

Other than that, I would suggest that you follow the mfr’s maintenance schedule–with one exception. However, rather than changing your trans fluid every 50k, change it every 30k.

Keep up the good work. As for brake fluid, it should be changed with every brake pad change, should be part of the job. It shouldn’t need changing more often than that.

Busted,make that Hydroscopic not Hydrophyllic,Hydrophyllic means “having a strong affinity for water”.Hydroscopic means,“readilly absorbing water”

PS fluid and rear end oil should be changed…Have the front end carefully checked for worn parts…