Gear stick sound

I recently changed the gearbox oil and the timing belt.
I did not pay attention at first, but I now notice that when the car is stationary, in addition to the vibration of the gear stick which is minimal and normal, there is a sound from the gear stick,a kind of bzzzz.
If I move the gear shift a little back when the car is stationary (let’s say 1 centimeter) that sound disappears and only the vibration remains.
Someone told me that when the oil in the gearbox was changed, something has not been tightened or adjusted properly.
Someone else told me that maybe it’s from the distribution until it wears out a little.
What do you think?

I think that persons story is without merit. Changing gearbox oil is simply a drain and fill. There is no adjustment. Now maybe the incorrect oil was used…something too thick. That may cause vibration you are feeling. It isn’t good for the gearbox either.


The oil used was the good one. I personally bought the oil according to my car specs, and gave them to use it.

Is the car identified somewhere and I overlooked it?

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The car in question is a 2010 Renault Megane 3 1.5 dci.

You are asking about a brand that has not been sold in the US for years. While many problems can be the same it is still best that responces are from people who are familiar with Renault .

There has to be a Renault Forum based in what ever country you are in.

I’ll throw a SWAG at the problem FWIW. A weak motor mount and/or a loose mounting bracket for the shift linkage cable can cause the situation. I base that opinion on the similarity of your shift linkage to some Hondas from years ago. But as mentioned above a Renault forum would be a much richer source of technical advice for you.

Buzzing sounds could be caused by lots of things. If this is related to the gearbox oil change and the timing belt replacement, my first guess is the timing belt tension is a little too tight. Was the tensioner and idler pulley replaced along w/the timing belt? My second guess is the old gear oil was drained out, but not replaced, or not topped off after being driven around the block.

Note that a new timing belt will be a little stiff at first. You may just be noticing that. If so, the sound will soon diminish after a few 10’s or maybe a hundred miles of driving.

Worn distributors can definitely make buzzing sounds. Ask you shop to check the distributor shaft’s lateral free play.

Just an FYI to the community:

It’s been my experience that some people get super sensitive AFTER something has been done. They didn’t pay attention BEFORE, but they seem to start looking for issues following some change.

I wonder if that is the case here,


The tensioner and the pulley was also replaced.So, the whole distribution kit was changed.

When I saw this symptom years ago it was worn bushings in the gear shift linkage.