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I have a 93 Ranger,the oil,temp gauge don’t move when i start the engine.and the gas gauge shows half a tank after i fill the tank.

It sounds like you have a blown fuse. Get out the owners manual and find the section that shows where the fuses are, and which fuse affects what. Then you should be able to locate the fuse in question and replace it. Like magic the gauges will work again. If the new fuse (use the same amp size) burns out quickly you may have a short in your wires - a bigger problem. Most likely the new fuse will last a while and that’s that.

OH no - not a fuse. This is a ‘cluster gage’ problem. I have the same thing on my Honda, but ALL gages are affected - your vehicle may have them set up differently, maybe individually. You can buy one used (the whole cluster in my case - maybe piecemeal in your case, if your vehicle is made that way). I tried all of the fuses, etc. before the problem was diagnosed - and mine was difficult to diagnose because it was erratic - by the time I got to my mechanic (45 min. away - I moved, but still use them because they are the best - FormulaH in Middletown, NY) the gages would be working.