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Gasoline in the ignition

I have a 1995 Nissan Pickup. Whenever I turn off the engine and remove the key, there is gasoline residue on the key. What would cause that and how do I fix the problem?

It cannot be gasoline…

I would certainly think the same thing. But, it smells like gas on the key and the strong odor of gasoline is coming from nowhere else in the cab.

My guess is that someone recently sprayed WD40 into the ignition lock to make it move more freely. How long have you had the truck?

There is no gasoline that gets anywhere near the steering column, so gasoline is not getting on your key from the ignition lock.

It doesn’t smell like WD40, but your answer makes sense. The ignition lock does have a sticking problem which I was advised of when I bought the truck about a week ago. So, it makes sense that someone sprayed something in there. The key is incredibly worn down and has the same “sticking” problem just unlocking the doors. Time for a new key…

Thanks very much for your response.