I have a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid.

The manufacturer suggestion is to always use the same gas (BP) which I have done so far. I was wondering if it would be OK to use something else since the BP station I have been using is the highest priced station in our city! Will it have any effect on the engine or hybrid unit if I use Arco gas? Janine


Use whatever gas station is most convenient, making sure to use the octane recommended by the manufacturer.

Incidentally, I think that you have misinterpreted the recommendation to “always use the same gas”. The manual may recommend consistency as much as possible, but no car manufacturer is going to suggest that failure to use the same brand of gas for every tankful will result in some kind of damage. For instance–how about when one goes on a road trip? Many gasoline brands are regional and this recommendation would make no sense for those traveling long-distance.


Ford’s recommendation is to use BP gas, for “best performance”. It in no way invalidates your warranty to purchase some other brand of gasoline.


The recommendation is nothing but a paid handshake agreement between Ford and BP. You may disregard it, and you could have done so since Day 1. You will notice no difference between brands, and neither will your engine.


Under US consumer laws it is ILLEGAL to tie a user to a specific brand of gasoline. Just ignore it, as long as you use the right grade (octane) of gas. Years ago I bought a Chrysler product and the manual said to use “Chryco oil only”. Chrysler never even packaged oil of any kind. But the manual specified the grade and weight of oil, so I never used Chryco oil.


Thank you all!