Gas tank replacement estimate: 1998 Toyota RAV4



How much would it cost to replace my gas tank? The present one has a hole in it. :frowning:


We don’t know where you live and costs vary wildly across the country (and countries) so…

Try here:


Looking at RockAuto, the fuel tank itself is around $200. Adding in labor and any other parts (maybe a new fuel pump?), I’d figure the better part of $1000 myself.

The vehicle may not be worth that, but that’s not my call. Good luck.


You can use a product like this to repair a hole in your gas tank


Is it a metal or a plastic gas tank?


Its a metal one and straddles over the drive shaft.


What kind of a hole? I’ve repaired a metal tank years ago that had a small hole, it held for several years.


I have no idea where in the tank it is. The entire side is covered so I can’t find exactly where it is nor how big it is. :frowning: