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Gas tank mystery

I bought a fleet/rental car. Per manufacturer it says there are 16 gallons in the gas tank. Also, noticed that some of the same models have a 14 gallon tank.

My VIN suggest a 16 gallon one but when I have filled it up i have been way past fumes and it took just a shade over 13 gallons.

I noticed that when its filled the fill line just touches the F and doesn’t go to the right of it like most cars Ive had.

So, how do I test the gas tank volume? Is their some sort of a governor that is preventing the tank from filling completely given it was a rental car? Or did volvo put the wrong size tank in?

Please submit suggestions/input

What Does The Owner’s Manual Say ? Is This Where You’re Getting The Information ?

Could be that there were a couple of different tanks based on engine options (displacement, turbo, dual exhaust, etcetera).


dear CSA

thanks for the response. The owners manual and the CARFAX VIN report on the specs both suggest 16 gallon tank.

The only way to find out how much gas the tank actually holds is to run out of gas. But there’s the risk of burning up the fuel pump doing that.

Most gas tanks allow a reserve of a couple gallons when the needle shows empty so you can make it to a gas station before running empty. So if you’re filling the tank with the needle showing empty, there may still be a couple gallons in the tank in reserve.