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Gas tank issue in 2013 Subaru Outback

First off, I want to say that we have tried different gas stations, different times of day and ensured that the lines are not kinked in any way. When my husband or I try to fill up our Subaru Outback, it stops very prematurely. Like, a gallon after we have started fueling, and there is less than a quarter tank in the car. I did some research and do not see any recalls related to this issue BUT see that other folks are experiencing the same issue. What is going on, and why HASN’T Subaru put a recall out regarding this issue? Thanks, everyone!

Are you still under warrantee?

When you fill the tank, do you top off? If so, that may be the reason for this problem.

“see that other folks are experiencing the same issue” ? is this via the internet? You can see a dozen cases out of the hundreds of thousands of cars, that is not a reason for a recall.

There’s a problem with the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system in the EVAP system in your vehicle.

This system allows the gas tank to vent as you fill the gas tank. If there’s a restriction in the system, this causes pressure to build in the gas tank which then causes the pump nozzle to shut off.

Have someone perform an inspection of the EVAP system to see if there’s any restrictions preventing the gas tank from venting properly.


Recalls are for safety items, this is an aggravation issue but not a safety issue.

Recalls are also issued for problems affecting emissions systems… like EVAP problems.
It’s worth checking.

When you put the nozzle into the fill tube, pull it back about a quarter inch and then let it rest on the lip. See if that doesn’t solve your problem. If you jam the nozzle in too far, you block the vent tube.

For the Outback w/the 2.5 L engine, there’s an “EVAP Purge Hose Replaced With Purge Pipe” TSB published, 11-110-11.

That might possibly be related. No harm to ask anyway.

As mentioned above, when you put fuel into the tank, air and fuel fumes have to come out to make room. What’s supposed to happen is various valves open and close which force those to go to through the evap canister, which captures the fumes but allows the cleaned air to escape. The escaping air makes enough room so the gas pump doesn’t shut off. Something’s wrong with all that. This is a pretty common problem reported here on many newer models of many manufactures, so I expect whatever it is, it will be easy enough for a good mechanic to diagnose & fix.