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Gas Supply Line Leak

Could having 1/4 tank of gas sitting in a truck for 3 weeks durin winter cause the line to freeze. split and leak gas when the fuel pump runs?

If there’s ethanol in the gas…Yes.


Did the line split? any other explainations? Is the 1/4 tank level important for some reason,wouldn’t it be the water in the gas that freezes rather than the gas its self? How old was the line? (I conclude it was rubber) maybe it was it’s time to go,how cold did it get? someone trying to lame blame for some expense?

1/4 tank of gas would give you condensation in a tank with temperature changes. So quite possible.

 There are a number of factors involved, but the simple answer is yes.  But what is your real question?   Is it about the three weeks, or the quarter of a tank, both would increase the chance.

More likely just old and stressed out. It is holding back pressure, usually in the 40-65 psi range. If you have a bad pressure regulator, I’ve seen this pressure build up to 120 psi. More than enough to split a flex line wide open.