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Gas Station Etiquette

My gas tank is on the passenger side. Where should I be positioned to get gas in a crowded station when everyone is lined up so the pump is on the driver’s side and beeping at me as I seem to be in everyone’s way?

You’re not the only car with that. Just do it as best you can, you have the same right to get gas!

Lots of cars have fillers on the passenger side, you are not alone. Just pull up to the tank and let the rude idiots toot their horns. These same folks would be the first to pull into a pump if their fillers was on the passenger side. No need to escaleate the situation with a flip of the famous finger, but you’ll want to do just that.

In most instances the hose at the station is long enough to reach the filler even if it is on the side farther from the pump.

I agree. Do what you have to. I run into the same thing when loading gas/diesel for my toys in separate tanks. These are the same people who wouldn’t think twice leaving their car at the pump to get a coffee. Your money is as good as theirs.

If you park your car close to the pump and park with care, you can reach the filler opening with the hose on either side. Do not be intimidated by beepers; they are simply motor vehicular morons.

I ahve not been in a gas line where a problem like this has come up in many,many years. In fact I can’t remember a line more than 3 cars long, is everybody trying to fill up at Costco?

Clearly, you don’t live in a hurricane prone area.

No I certainly don’t live in a hurricane prone area but I live close to Nogales AZ and I have been told by local authorities that I should be prepared to “deal with” drug cartel violence at a moments notice so I keep the Hummer filled up all the time.

Ignore the beepers. If someone does that crap to me I reset the nozzle to its slowest position and take my sweet time.

I like the way you think…

I’d be inclined to patronize a station with a better setup. The one I patronize has a series of pumps with one spout on each side. You can pull in either way without interfering with anyone else.