Gas smell inside car before starting

I have a smell of gas inside my 1995 Eagle Summit. It is strongest when I first get into the car and it dissipates quickly once the car is started and fan is on. When I first noticed it, few days ago, I was not sure it was gasoline it actually smelled more like natural gas (which of course it would not be). But now I’m convinced it is gasoline and the small seems stronger. We’ve had a snap of cold weather here in MN, could that be related?

There may be a leak in a fuel line, fuel filter/connections (if filter outside of tank) or perhaps a faulty fuel pressure regulator or leaky injector.

No CEL and trouble code(s) from the EVAP system?

Any misfiring?

Thanks for the reply. No misfiring and no check engine light. I looked at the injectors and did not see any moisture there…

So I took the car for service. They tell me that it is not a gasoline smell or any other car fluid odor. They also say it smells more like natural gas. Suggested that maybe a mouse died in the vent or something. That does not make sense to me since it’s cold and the dead mouse, if it is there, would be frozen. right? Any other ideas?