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Gas smell in car

I recently bought a new (to me) car. There is a really strong smell of gasoline. I only have a warranty that covers inspectable things. Is this anything that should be considered inspectable or not? What could be making it, is it dangerous? The check engine light comes on, too. Thanks in advance for any info.

“Inspectable” is going to mean different things in different states of the US.

If your state requires an inspection that includes an emissions test, this car will almost surely fail because of the illuminated Check Engine Light (CEL). So, if your state does require an emissions check, this is something that should be covered under the used car warranty. (You do realize that the seller was undoubtedly aware of this problem, and thought that you wouldn’t notice it, correct?)

My suspicion is that the problem lies in the evaporative emissions system of the car. A problem in this area would trigger the CEL, and would also be likely to produce a gas odor.

My suggestion is to take the car to Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, or another parts retailer that does free scans of the car’s OBD system, and get the trouble code(s) that have been stored by the system.

Then come back here and post the code(s) for futher guidance.
With that guidance, you can approach the scam artists who sold you the car.

It is so sad how many new to me used car stories we get. One prime recommendation is an inspection by an independent before you sign the dotted line. Stop by an auto parts place and get the code read, for free, post the error code and that will help the knowledgeable volunteers here help you.

The check engine light comes on

Get the error codes scanned and post them here. They look like P0123.

Raw gas or exhaust fumes?
A good mechanic can use a hydrocarbon “sniffer” to track down the fumes.

Have someone check the gasket on top of the tank that seals off the pump. Smells like it could be bad.