Gas shortage

Is it safe to mix 87& 89 octane gas in my Infiniti FX 35?

With the current gas shortage, sometimes I can only find 87 octane, though I normally use 89. In my tank right now is half 87 & half 89. Is my engine going to explode or something??


It won’t make much of a difference. But I should point out that the VQ engine in your car was designed to operate best on 91 octane. While fuel with lesser octane can be used, there will be a decrease in both performance and fuel economy. Consult your owners manual.

If the vehicle is designed for 91 I would not. If was designed for regular I would not bother unless 89 were cheaper.


THERE IS NO GAS SHORTAGE!!! except for the amount in my tank since it is priced to high.

If you can’t get the required octane, use what’s available. But when the supply returns to normal, buy what the owner’s manual specifies.

You really should read your owner’s manual. It will tell you what you need and what you can use. If it says you must use XYZ then you must use XYZ or suffer possible damage. On the other hand it is recommends XYZ then you are safe in using XHZ. Read that manual carefully. Chances are you and your car will be totally safe with either or both fuels. You may loose some power and some mileage, but if you are not really looking, you likely will never notice.