Gas question

Ok… As some of you are aware, my dad (with very sincere intentions) is trying to get me into his old Caravan that has sat for a couple years. Well, he managed to get it started with the 2 year old gas that’s in the tank. My question is this: Shouldn’t the gas be rotten by now? Shouldn’t it have turned to shellac? Thanks in advance.

Well, apparently the gasoline isn’t too bad. I would keep filling the tank with fresh gasoline and drive on.

How much gas is in the tank? If it’s just a small amount then fill it up and don’t worry about it. If it’s a lot then you probably need to get it out of there. The fact that the engine started in the first place is a good sign anyway.

Yes, I would just fill it with premium and keep it topped off. Keep drving it and you will be OK. Today’s gas has a lot of detergent in it and the sytem will purge itself.