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Gas mileage

I recently read an article that stated putting your vehicle in neutral and coasting down hill while use more gas than if you leave the vehicle in gear, take your foot off the accelerator and coast down hill (EFI Vehicle). Isn’t the motor turning more RPM’s in gear thus consuming more gas?

“your/the vehicle” ??
What vehicle.

both my 06 Escape hybrid and 08 Expedition DO NOT

DO NOT reduce rpm to idle .

The rpm remains where it was at driving speed and remains there untill put in gear again…no advantage.
The computers will not allow such a big rpm difference thereby avoiding huge damage from slamming the trans in gear at mismatched rpm.

At idle , in gear the rpm s are lower that in neutral…no advantage

don’t think for a second that you need to fiddle with that dang gear shift at all.
— just drive. –

This subject has been beaten to death here. use the search function with words like neutral and coast.

It can use less gas in drive because the computer shuts down the fuel injection when coasting, which it doesn’t do in neutral.

the biggest question of all time:
"Why does it matter? They don’t call it an AUTOMATIC for nothing; most owners aren’t as smart as the computer running the vehicle."
If you’re coasting in N and need to get out of the way because an ambulance is barreling down the highway and you forget it’s in N, you’re screwed.

Leave it in Drive. The risks far outweigh any potential gains, and besides, it’s illegal to coast in neutral in most if not all states.