Gas mileage for 2000 Isuzu

My awesome little '97 Geo Prizm went up in flames in an auto accident (A pickup truck crossed in front of me on a freeway). I loved it because it just ran forever, never gave me any trouble, and went about 35 miles per gallon. The insurance company is giving me $1,974 to replace it. Naturally, I called the mechanic who sold me the Prizm, even though I’ve since moved to another state. He said he’s fixing up a 2000 Isuzu, which had not been in an accident, it just had some dents. He said that “it’ll just run and run, like my Geo Prizm.” I don’t want to bug him and call him all the time, 'cause he’s got work to do, but I’m wondering what the gas mileage is like, and things like that.

the V6 3.2 L will get a max of 21 highway and around town high teens. Not sure of the 4 cyl.

Personally, get something else, getting harder and harder to find dealerships and parts, declining brand name and market share. many sound like diesels and many consume lots of oil. Not the best brand out there.