Gas Hand

I need to know what to do about my gas hand? It doesnt work right. It moves all over.

Hmmm…I recall seeing Cowhands in the movies, but I don’t recall seeing any Gashands depicted on the big screen.


Anyway–if you are referring to the indicator needle on your gas gauge, then the likely culprit is the sending unit in the gas tank.

I assume gas hand is a translation or colloquial reference to a gas gauge. Depending on the car it could the the sending unit or a bad connection, more info please.

I’m ambidextrous,
I can work the gas pump with either hand.
Which is your gas hand ?

But does it read completely full or empty ? If so, it could be the slosh mudule.
A ‘‘slosh module’’ used to be a separate circuit board but in many cases is now part of the whole cluster.
It is circuitry designed to delay the signal from the sending unit for a smoother gauge indication.

Matt, You Forgot To Tell The Model-Year Of The Impala. It’s Probably Not Your Gas Hand. It Would Be Your Gas Fingers !

Seriously, it very well could be that the tiny “fingers” on the “wiper” part of the fuel sensor have disintegrated. Sulfur in the gasoline reacts with the metal fingers and destroys them.

The sensor (sender) is attached to the fuel pump module and is inside the gas tank. Some large GM cars have access panels (large Buick, Pontiac) on the trunk floor that make this a fairly easy fix, but I’m not sure about Impala, probably not.

Some people will tell you that you need to replace the whole module, including the pump and sensor, but it’s just not true. I installed just a new sensor, in fact I actually installed just a new wiper (with new fingers). Problem solved.

When the gauges on these cars “move all over” then it’s probably the sensor, but before tearing into it a proper diagnosis should be made.

What is the car’s model-year ?