Gas Gauge

I have a 2003 KIA Sadona recently after filling the gas tank the gas gauge would drop from full to 3/4 full and sometimes below 1/2 a tank. Is this a repairable item or am I stuck with a floating needle?

Need to measure the voltage signal coming from the sender in the tank, to determine if it’s the sender or gauge.

Most of these complaints are due to problems with the sender in the tank. Bad gauge readings due to dirty contacts on the sender are real common. Some folks have used a product from Chevron called Techron to clean the connections on the sender and have had success clearing the trouble. You might try pouring in a bottle on you next fillup and see if that works. A second bottle may be needed if the first one doesn’t work. It that doesn’t work then a new sender unit may be needed. All the connections between the sender and the gauge need to be checked first though before replacing that.

Thanks - will give both a try

Notice we did not say finding a place to probe these wires would be easy as it usually isn’t.

Perhaps the S(e)dona has a access cover over the pump, I seem to remember the Spectra did.