Gas fumes in passenger compartment

While driving with heater system on in my 1995 Nissan Quest gas

fumes are present. We have replaced the a cracked Evaporation canister but the fumes still are present. We have had the car looked at and problem still exists. Do you have any thoughts?

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Any engine performance problems due to this occurence?

Do some sniffing around the engine compartment.

are you SURE this is gas fumes??? i ask because at your cars age, the smell could be a heater core leaking antifreeze smell into the inside of the car.

it would be UNUSUAL to say the least that you actually have gas fumes leaking inside your car.

have you checked the antifreeze level in both the radiator AND in the overflow tank? (and make sure the engine is cool, so you dont get burned when taking off the radiator cap) if the level is low, that indicates a leak in the cooling system (which would confirm (or eliminate) the suggestion of a heater core problem)

also, you mention the cannister. have you opened the trunk, to see if the smell is stronger in the back vs the front?

Are you sure that the smell is gasoline? If it is gasoline, then you have a fuel leak somewhere. Could be dangerous. Find it and fix it. (Get a better mechanic to look at it.)

Some people might mistake the smell of exhaust fumes for gasoline. Exhaust fumes are very dangerous. If that is the problem, definitely fix the car before you drive it any more.

Less likely is mistaking the smell of antifreeze (engine coolant) for gasoline. Good news would be that it’s not so dangerous to your health. Bad news would be that it is probably a leaking heater core which can be very expensive to fix.