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Gas and Milage

I am just wondering why the gas consumption rate of Tucson 2009, is so high and painful especially when the air-conditioner is turned on. Is there anything to do to lessen this pain?

What kind of consumption are you getting? What do you think you should get? How have you measured it? Do you have any CEL’s? (Check Engine Light)

The largest factor is usually the driver. A/C, higher speeds, stop an go, rapid accretion traffic hills etc. all are factors.

Another factor is maintenance. Make sure all scheduled maintenance has been done, including air filters plugs and wires etc.

Many thanks for giving me an insight into the likely or possible factors. I have another car, Toyota Altis 1.6 2005 model. I am forced to compare the gas to millage situations of the two and what i found is alarming: Tucson consumes 3-4times as much than the Altis taking into consideration all factors as you mentioned. All preventive maintenance service(pms) done so far seemed having no relationship with gulping of the gas buy Tucson

About all you can do is use the Altis (in the US that is a Corolla). The Tuscon is a small SUV and therefore by design uses a lot more gas than a Corolla. The Tuscon is heavier, less aerodynamic, has more interior space to cool (therefore a bigger AC compressor causing more drag on the motor when it is on), and has a larger motor to move all that bulk around.

Use the Corolla unless you have to move more people or more cargo than the Corolla can handle. If driving the Tuscon is so painful you should consider selling it. Since it is a new car and under warranty have the dealer check it over to see if there is a problem.

If the dealer says the Tuscon is OK about all you can do is make sure the tires have the recommended air pressure and drive it at slower speeds to get the best fuel economy you can.

Acceleration and braking are the two big killers of fuel mileage…Also, limit A/C usage to when you REALLY need it…

Three to four times doesn’t sound right. Please give us actual numbers here.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated, in addition to the other tips here so far.

I am going to do my findings more accurately actually but my sincere guess is that takes 3kilometer of straight driving for 1 ltr of gasoline, as against more than 8 kilometers for same quantity on corrolla/altis (toyota) My tires are properly checked and inflated to normal 30 … gauges.
Like I said I will run the check again to be more accurate, but am usually pressured to look at the gas meter every 5mins and see it diminishing to my eyes.
Thank you all. I really love this CAR

I don’t think you’re figuring mileage correctly or you’re driving around on half flat tires and comparing a Corolla to an SUV (AWD?), even a compact one?
You were asked what kind of mileage you were getting and did not answer. What is it, and how is it being figured?

If the vehicle was sucking up gas that badly it would be running poorly, the CEL would be on, etc.
And the A/C will drop the mileage some but not by that much.

well ,… you don’t have to blame me so much here for not getting a straight answer regarding mileage in relation to gas consumption… etc. a lay man can only figure things out when there is a close comparison regarding my two cars. I am getting more interests in knowing my car more based on prompt responses here and this will prompt me to get a good figure of what it is that am going through. I know what an SUV is but I feel 32km is too small for 11ltrs of gas

hi, pls how do you mean by CEL’s Check Engine Light and how do I do that?

Have you bothered to really calculate the actual mielage you are getting in both vehicles, or are you simply going by your anecdotal evidence?

If I did the conversion correctly, it looks like like you’re getting about 7 miles to the gallon, which is very low for a Tuscon. Something is not right with the vehicle.

If the vehicle is really stinking up the joint that badly as far as fuel mileage the CEL should be on, pure and simple.

My comments are not meant to be crass so please don’t take them that way, but you asked for opinions and up to this point your posts have had little detail about this problem.
Provide some detail about the 32KM/11 Liters of fuel consumption. How did you arrive at that?

Here are US EPA rating 11.8 City 10.7 Combined 9.4 Highway in Liters/100 miles.

It is my guess that running your Tucson A/C will increase fuel consumption about 10% to 15% over what you get operating without it. If you spend much time idling when it is hot outside the mpg can drop radically.

Further the US Corolla is rated 10.7 City 9.4 Combined 7.8 Hwy Liters/100 miles.