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Gas additive yes, or no

Since gasoline now contains ethanol, some say that we need to add an additive to the gasoline, and I have heard others say not to add this additive. Who is correct? And by the way, how is this saving money? Since ethanol has been added to the gasoline, my millage has dropped.

What additive?? Most people have been using E-10 for YEARS. This is nothing new…

I don’t know what additive. Someone I work with said he just bought some at over 10 dollars a bottle. He was told to put a few teaspoons every other tankful.

You’ll have to find out and report back as I don’t think anyone will know what you mean. My first guess is that your friend was taken by some kind of scam artist.

And the main purpose of ethanol is not to save the end consumer money. You’ll find lots of purposes (e.g. renewable, cleaner, reduce foreign dependence) but I don’t know of anyone who is saying we need to develop ethanol to save you $$ at the pump.

No drygas. If you take a month to go through a tank of gas, you might consider using fuel stabilizer. Two months and I recommend it. My qualifications to say this? Zilch. Just like most of the other people you have spoken with.

I know of no reason a normally operating car ethanol or not would need any gas additive. Of course the additive sales people would disagree.

In fact ethanol would reduce the need for some additives, that might be more likely in the winter.

thanks, I got my answer