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Garaged car with flats

Moved to a different state and left car in friend’s garage. Apparently had a slow leak in front tire and a spare was put on. 5 months later spare is flat. Can this in any way damage car - leaving it stored with a flat (possibly two front flats now)? It will be about 2 more months till I can get there to take care of it. Thanks!!!

The car should be okay.
The tires, on the other hand, are now ready for the scrap heap.
Do not even attempt to repair the tires, as their sidewalls have been weakened to a dangerous extent.

The only problem that is possible is damage to the fuel system from the aged gasoline that is in the tank, but that is not related to the tire situation.

Agree with VDC; the car will be fine. I’m currently involved in bringing a 1952 car that has sat for 15 years back to life. Only one tire is flat and it has a full isze spare. We may have to buy new tires for it (8.20x15 whitewalls) to safely drive it.

Cool. Gettin’ Coopers?

That would be one source. It would be cheaper to buy non-whitewalls, but this is a Chrysler Hemi, fully loaded, including the infamous Hy-Drive.

Thanks for the info! Someone said there could be damage to the rims. Ah, since you mentioned it - aged gasoline. What do I have to do/check the fuel system for? Thanks again!

The reason I asked is that Cooper sells the old fashioned real whitewalls for classic cars

The rims will be damaged if you drive on them. Just rolling the car out of the garage won’t hurt the, though.

Good to know, thanks!

Thank You!