G-12 coolant/antifreeze


It is tough to find. Even NAPA does not have it. Audi insists that it is the only one that can be used.

I found a name brand coolant that claims it can be used with any color antifreeze in any make or model car. Any thoughts?


You can purchase it online from such websites as GermanAutoParts over here:


But why not just go to an Audi dealership and get some from the parts department? Even if it costs a bit more than conventional antifreeze it will last 2-5 years and you have the security of knowing your car is using exactly what the manufacturer recommends.


Geez. Passion pink? does that mean the engine is going to breathe hard?


I agree, buy it online or go to the dealer for the proper antifreeze, do not use that “all purpose” junk.


The new HOAT antifreezes can be used in any car and can mix with any color. It is not junk, its a very good product. I personally would not recommend mixing it with other colors unless it was an emergency, but I would use it in any car after doing a complete drain of the radiator and block. However, if you can get the Audi coolant without major inconvenience, why not. Even if it costs a little more, its not that big of an expense in the overall picture. But if obtaining the Audi stuff is a major undertaking, then I wouldn’t loose sleep over using a major brand HOAT coolant.


It’s pretty simple, this stuff either meets the OEM specs, or it doesn’t. If it does not, don’t use it. Just order the correct product, or go to the dealer and pick it up. Here are two more links to order the audi product:




1 gallon equals 3.8 liters.
Each bottle is 1.5 liters.
2.5 bottles to make 1 gallon.
2.5 X $8.27= $20.68 a gallon plus shipping.
I would check with my local Audi dealer before ordering.



That sounds about right, the benz stuff from the dealer is about $20 per gallon. Some of these places don’t charge shipping if you order enough at one time. I used to order a few cases of oil at a time to avoid shipping charges, but you probably don’t need $100 worth of antifreeze. I would check the dealer first, but don’t expect it to be much cheaper.


I did the math because my local VW dealer sells it for $6.00 for the 1.5 liter bottle and there is no shipping.


Maybe he should check his local VW dealers too, I assume they use the same specs as audi.