Future Emission Standards


The attached document explains the Congressional health care plan. If they buy health insurance from D.C. SHOP, they are eligible for about 72% payment by the Federal Government. This is similar to their previous coverage when they could pick from the same list of plans offered to civil service employees. Either way, it is an employer sponsored plan like any large private employer offers. Given that these people control over a trillion dollars in money each year, I don’t begrudge them a decent health plan, especially since all their contractors offer them. I also think that a $200,000 salary is a real bargain for us since they have so much responsibility. Consider how this compares to people with equivalent responsibilities in private industry, and it is again a bargain.



So now we’ve gone from health plans to gardening? I’ve planted over 50 trees and now am at the point of having to generate emissions from chain saw to take some down.

At the risk of being a hate monger perhaps we could move back to cars or highways or fuel taxes pot holes or even corrupt politicians spending our road money. But gardening? Unless you have a portable saw mill.


I hate to tell you, but none of mine “make a big mess”, and that includes my Leland Cypress, my Colorado Blue Spruces (both the YUGE one and the dwarves), and my many Arborvitae.