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Funny stuff coming out of my vents

Some time ago you had a woman with the same problem as I have and I don’t remember what you told her, but it made a lot of sense. I have a 1989 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 8V. When the air conditioner is on, I get this very strange stuff coming out of my vents–it looks like steam but smells funny. Also, lately, the windows on the inside of my car are all foggy every morning no matter how low the humidity.

It is most likely that your heater core is leaking and should be replaced.


Make this another vote for a leaking heater core.

Step one is to replenish the coolant that has been depleted as a result of the heater core leak.
If you don’t do that, your vehicle may overheat and give you even bigger repair bills.

Then, you need to start getting estimates on this repair job, which can be quite expensive (relatively cheap part, very expensive labor costs) a.s.a.p. Since breathing aerosolized ethylene glycol is very bad for your lungs, this repair is not something that you want to delay. When this situation happened to me, many years ago, I was unaware of it and wound up with pneumonia as a result of the stuff that I was inhaling. Get it taken care of before you wind up being very sick!

Me too. I also vote for the heater core.

I’d like a heater core with coffee please