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Funny Idol

Wifes Ford Focus 2002 ZTS DOHC is having difficulties, the car after being started and brought to regular temp. have a weird idol…it mainly happens when the AC is turned on, I can hear the compressor click on and them the engine boggs down and shakes, and almost dies. This has been fixed in teh past with more refrigerant, but it still occurring with being filled with refrigerant. Does this mean the AC compressor is going out? Suggestions? (Yes I know I am not going to be needing the AC in the winter that much, but I would like it get it fixed before we have another 95 deg day. You can never trust the weather in St. Louis

It probably has nothing to do with the refrigerant, actually. There’s a module that’s supposed to increase the idle of the engine a bit to compensate for the power drain of the air conditioner. If it fails, you’ll get the symptoms you’re describing.

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I suspect Shadowfax “nailed” it, but an alternative possibility is a binding AC compressor.

It’s a common problem with American cars.

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I vote on having it looked at by a professional.

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Who knows the name of this particular module?

IAC Valve perhaps?!?

You’re correct. On your car, if I recall, it’s under the throttle body on the intake manifold, secured with two bolts, and has a wire plugged into it.

talked to a dealership…they seem to think it has to deal with my air compressor. They said “you have to find out why your car is doing that first fix that then change the IAC Valve”

AC compressor is $650 installed at the dealer. UGH. Im going to try to IAC valve first I think.

If it is a compressor, take it to an independent AC shop. I bet they’ll give you a better price.

I would never go to a dealership to get anything fixed. I am going to try to IAC valve first.

In the space of about 20 minutes you can pull that IAC off and blow it out real well with some throttle body cleaner (or similar). Maybe blow a puddle in there and let it soak for a while and in the meantime check the air passages into the intake and get the carbon out of them. As long as you’re there use some of that throttle body cleaner to clean out the throttle body & plate. (For this it has to be a throttle body-safe cleaner. The Fords have a special coating on them).

Then slap it all back together and see what happens…before spending any $$ on a new valve.

If you have a decent multimeter checking out the wiring wouldn’t hurt either.

You might need a new gasket for the IAC. They’re very cheap but if you can’t easily find one you can cut one out of a karropak sheet.

Very good suggestion. I was planning on doing this first. I might even make my way to a salvage yard and see if I can find a decent one there I bet I could pick one up for about $10.00

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So there is no way you could pull this IAC off a dual overhead cam engine in 20 min. I worked on it for 2 hours yesterday, could not get it off…I dont have stubby hands either. I am pretty sure I found it though.

Under the car nearer to the passenger side, directly under the throttle body. I cant get it.

Am I looking at the right IAC?

yes u are

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