Fuling problem

I have a problem with my 1998 BMW 528i. I just bought it used with 100,000 miles on it. I noticed when I went to the gas station the first time to fill it up, it started dripping gas really bad (about a gallon) from underneath the right rear passenger?s side. A visual inspection underneath the car did not help me determine any defect in the fuel tank. The next time I went to buy gas, I filled the gas tank half full slowly and it still dripped gas for a while (maybe ? gallon) and it stopped. What could be problem?

Rather than debating the specifics of the problem, you need to get this car to a qualified mechanic a.s.a.p., as it is currently a Molotov Cocktail on wheels.

Even a minor gasoline leak is a serious issue. This vehicle is leaking enough gasoline to destroy…your car, your house, people, pets, etc. You are inviting both disaster and huge law suits if you don’t have this gas leak attended to immediately.

Just be sure to inform your mechanic of the car’s condition so that he does not park it inside his place of business, otherwise that will potentially lead to one more lawsuit against you.