Fuel tank replacement 1978 Toyota Corolla wagon

Okay, this thing leaks like a sieve, and I could only find one actual year replacement (1978) tank for five hundred dollars, but some person on ebay has tanks for less then two hundred, but they’re for different model years 1980-1983. So, what I would like to know is if the cheeper tanks on e-bay would fit my car or not? Even thought they are different years they look identical. Is there any difference? Any help would be great, so thanks in advance.


If it won’t fit, make it fit! If the tanks are the same dimensions and use the same mounting system and the filler pipe is in the same location, then you should be able to install it. Has the seller ever shipped a used gas tank?? Few shippers will touch them…

Take a look at http://www.car-part.com . It appears as though the tanks are quite model specific. I can’t think that a “generic” tank from ebay will be a perfect fit. That said, is the situation that your tank has lots of tiny little rust holes? If so, do a google search for a product called POR 15 and pick a retailer near you. POR 15 is a liquid that you slosh around inside an old tank to seal the pin holes. I have had success with it many times.

This seems like the best way to deal with it so far. Thank you!

Yeah, I talked to a mechanic friend, he told me it wouldn’t workout too well. I guess subtle differences make for major headaches, or that’s what he said. If that POR 15 doesn’t work I guess I’m gonna’ have to pony up the five hundred for the original tank.