Fuel system tuneups

My service tech recommends a fuel system tuneup for my 99 ford f-250 super duty v10. I use Lucas upper cylinder lubricant w/injector cleaners and fuel conditioners w/every fuel fill-up. so I would like to know if this tune up for $90.00 bucks is worth it

i use Lucas

Most likely not. They probably make the same pitch to any car or truck that rolls in. Mostly a profit enhancer unless there is an actual fuel delivery problem.

Have you been experiencing any problems that might be connected? Likely not.

Most cars and trucks using modern fuels have zero need for fuel system cleanups or such profit generating flushes etc. If it normally needed it, you would find a recommendation for it in the owner’s manual and I have never seen an owner’s manual that recommended it.

However it does tend to indicate that you should start looking for a different and more honest mechanic.

If your truck runs fine (starts easy and no cutting out) and the mpg is ok, don’t bother. Just to cover the bases, ask the mechanic why you should do this. He may have found a problem and there’s a breakdown in communications here. If it’s just some notion of preventative maintenance, save your $90.

You can probably save more money by cutting down on the treatments with every fill up but you are probably doing it perfectly. Don’t fall for the fuel system tune up scam. It works, but your system is probably better.