Fuel pumps

dealer and aftermarket replacements last 10K miles to the inch. New tank, sender plugs etc. what’s wrong? 1995 Astro 4.3L Vortech


The fuel system in your vehicle is a high pressure fuel system. Something like 65 PSI. The reason is the fuel pressure is used to blow open the poppet valves on the injector (spider) assembly. http://www.shopinjectors.com/injectors/chevrolet/cp101.htm

If these poppet valves become gummed up or worn, the fuel pump has to work harder to blow these poppet valves open. This then causes the fuel pump to run hotter shortening the pump’s life.

So if you haven’t tried running a fuel system cleaner, you might try that. Or, the spider assembly is worn out and requires replacement.


Running the gas low will kill the fuel pump. It uses the gas as lube and without it the pump seal wear. Keep your tank above a 1/4. The other posts are correct.