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Fuel level sensor

I have a 2004 BMW Ci with 77,000 mi. Lately, I’ve noticed when I have less than 1/4 tank the car lugs. It doesn’t happen all the time but I noticed when it does happen it’s below 1/4 tank. Also one day I had 50 mi left on the tank and was driving on the highway, the car seemed sluggish so I pulled off to fill the tank. As I downshifted it began lugging and stalled 2x before I rolled into the gas station. The mechanic is saying it’s a fuel level sensor and will take 3 hours to do. I’m no mechanic and here in Northern VA everyone is ready to take advantage. HELP!

So what does this mean? Is the mechanic saying the sensor is causing the gauge to be incorrect and you are running out of gas? I don’t get the connection. Have the fuel pressure tested, especially when the tank is low.

I recommend never driving with the tank below 1/4, as the fuel is what cools the fuel pump, and driving with a nearly empty tank is harder on the expensive-to-replace fuel pump.

The problem you describe is usually a weak or leaking fuel pump inside the tank…

I thought a fuel pump made more sense. The mechanic did not explain the reason just gave me the answer on a Friday evening and now they are not at the station. It does feel like there is no gas getting to the car when I accelerate.

They originally told me they were going to remove gas from the tank (I had 1/2 tank when I brought it in) but I didn’t get to talk directly with the mechanic but rather the service advisor.