Fuel filter


I’m trying to get better gas mileage on my 99 Grand Cherokee. Is it worth changing the fuel filter? The Jeep has 168K on it, but I would be happy with 1 or 2 more mpg.


Changing the fuel filter won’t gain anything as far as gas mileage. But if the filter hasn’t been changed for a long time and it’s restricted, it could result in a burned up fuel pump.



Check your air filter at every oil change and keep your tires inflated to the level listed on your door sill. If you have off-road tires on your Jeep you might consider changing to street tires to reduce rolling resistance. If you drive off-road consider an extra set of rims for the off-road tires. You’ll need to do the math to determine where the break-even point is. If you change tires for road use, don’t do it until you really need tires unless you get the extra rims. Remember to drive gently and consider changing your commute time to avoid heavy traffic. Slowing down, if you speed, can also have positive effects on your gas mileage. If you don’t like driving slower, change your attitude. I used to go 5 to 15 MPH over the limit but changed to driving the speed limit a few years ago. I find that I never (ever) have any problem with traffic movement in front of me. I still overtake traffic, but I have lots more time to react to traffic hiccups than I used to. Slowing down really works. It’s a question of whether you want to save on gas more than you want to drive fast.