Fuel Efficient Car for City AND Mountains?



As a new retiree hoping to get on the road and do some car camping and to use as a daily city car, I wonder what the best vehicle would be. I am impressed with the Toyota Prius, but wonder if it would be able to handle mountain driving. What to do?


What mountains, and will the driving be only on paved roads? The Prius gets it’s best mileage in the city. See if the Prius has enough room for all your gear and the people you travel with. If there’s one or two, you can put the gear in the trunk and back seat. Do you have grandchildren and will they camp with you? If you have too much stuff, look at a small SUV.


Um, if I may make a suggestion here.

Being a grandfather to eight grandchildren, I know first hand that camping gear, food, etc. will soon fill an small SUV.

Although all eight don’t ride in one vehicle, we found that between us (we have an Olds Silhouette van) and the parents of two children who own a cross-over (a Montana SV6) the problem was solved.
The cross-over is a combo of an SUV and a Minivan.

Take the whole gang one day to a GM (or other) dealership and explain to a salesperson what you need and see for yourself.


Camping in a Prius??? With just my wife and youngest son and myself…we FILL my 4-runner…AND over half the gear is in the pop-up. Before we owned the popup we use to tent…and I had to use a roof carrier on my Pathfinder to carry everything. I GUESS it’s doable…but I sure wouldn’t even try.


You camp in style, Mike!


Two trips that there never seems to be enough luggage space in the vehicle are camping, and a week at the beach. Ford Escape comes in a hybrid but cant comment on how good it is.


You camp in style, Mike!

No…I’m just old…I camp in comfort. I stopped sleeping on the ground when I turned 50.