Fuel Economy drop

I recently put on 4 Blizzaks and had the clutch, a belt, and 2 brake rotors replaced. I am seeing a 3-5 MPG drop in fuel economy. Could this be entirely from the Blizzaks or could something have been done incorrectly in the maintenence?

The maintenance you mentioned is unlikely to affect mileage, unless a brake caliper is sticking. More likely the Blizzaks will reduce mileage somewhat, because winter tires are made of softer rubber compound.

I agree about the maintenance. And if a caliper was sticking I would notice the pull.

Is a drop to 20MPG from 24-25MPG reasonable?

Is the tire size the same? Over how many miles and tanks of gas are you measuring the mileage? Are you driving in the same environment as previously?

A side effect of winter gas formulation is that you get about 10% less gas mileage. When was the last time you checked your mileage? It could be both winter gas and higher rolling resistance from the winter tires.

yep what he said…has the weather changed?

Have you noticed a drop in tire pressure? The tires were rated well for rolling resistance by CR. Give the rotors a few weeks and check again.

Winter temps mean lower mileage.

Winter fule blends mean lower mileage.

Winter tyres generally give lower mileage.

Three strikes and you are out.