Fuel Average

My Daihatsu Move 2014 is decreasing its fuel average when the AC is turned on or struck in a traffic jam with a high margin like 18.0to 11.0

This is very typical and totally to be expected. Car manufacturers have highway, city, and average fuel mileage figures.

When you are stuck in traffic with or without the air on you are getting ZERO MILES PER GALLON!

My Toyota gets over 40 mpg on steady highway driving and only 25 in city only driving.

but the other 660cc cars in the city gives 18-20km/L and their average don’t falls like this

What city are we discussing here?
What “other 660cc engines” are we discussing?

All cars return lower mileage in city traffic. A city car often never gets up to an efficient speed, and if it does again it needs to stop and start over again. That takes more gas than just keeping it at a constant speed. And, as Doc pointed out, when you’re stopped you’re getting zero miles per gallon… but you’re still burning gas.

And all cars will get lower mileage with the AC on. The AC compressor takes a lot of energy to run, to the extent that designers drive it directly from the crankshaft (via a belt). All compressors take a lot of energy. It takes energy to compress something.