Frozen Oxygen Sensors - any removal tricks?


I havr to replace the oxygen sensors on my 95 Land Rover. There frozen and the dealer refusd to try to remove them becuase he was worried about breaking the exhaust system. i’m thinking of soaking them with PB blaster then applying heat; and repeat as necassary.- anybody have a better idea?


Liberal and repeated soaking with B’Laster. Then warm up the engine enough to get the manifold heated. Turn off engine and cut wire end off of the O2 sensor so you can use a normal 6 pt deep well socket. Use a breaker bar to get good leverage.


If you can’t remove the stuck sensor with Twin Turbos method, why not cut them off flush and drill them out? Heat, penetrating oil, and a lot of muscle will usually work, but before I broke an exhaust pipe I’d try to drill it out. Be careful of the fitting part on the exhaust when drilling it out. Rocketman