Frozen lug nuts

I’ve got a '92 Buick Roadmaster w/ frozen lugnuts, & I wanted to know if there’s a better product than WD-40 or PB Blaster for releasing them,short of going to a shop & having them torched. P.S. Will Camaro Z28 or Impala SS rims of the same year fit?

Take it to a garage and ask that they loosen the lug nuts and you follow behind tightening them by hand. This is really easy if the garage has a cordless impact gun.



Be prepared to buy some new studs. If they are frozen this tight, you may break some studs getting the lug nuts off. Then, you’ll need to pound out the damaged ones and replace them with new.

The Caprice, Impala and Cadillac RWD wheels will fit the Roadmaster. I have doubts about a Camaro wheel as it’s a much lighter car. The bolt pattern might be the same, (?) but the wheel will not be as wide or heavily built.

Tester, How can you tell the OP that this job will be easily accomplished? with a cordless impact no less? This job could turn into the OP having to replace all the studs, no one can tell from here this job will be easy.

Yeah. You’re right.

Disreguard my recommendation.