Frozen Break Pedal

Is it possible that my break pedal was frozen this morning? I pulled out and drove the 1/4 mile up my shared driveway. When I tried to stop at the top of the road, my break pedal wouldn’t move. I think the van that I pulled out in front of was just as surprised as I was! It was 12 degrees here, but I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Yes, it is possible. It happened. Whenever anything actually happens, than it’s possible.

Seriously, I’d get this towed to a shop and looked at. It’s’ entirely possible that you have ice in the line. If so, you’ll need the brake system flushed with fresh fluid.

YIKES! Well, I drove it around all day today with no problems (after the pedal finally dislodged). I’ll take it somewhere tomorrow and from now on, I’ll test my breaks!