Front tire wear


My question is on tire wear. My front tires are worn at the edges because of underinflated tires. The service man said my tires are safe. They are 6/32 max or a little under (4-5) at the circumferential grooves .

At the edges they are weak looking. Is this not a hazard too?

Also, even though there is safe tread wouldn’t a brand new A/S tire help a little for safety, or is it so marginal not too make a difference? These tires are 44 mo old and 44t miles/ 440 grade.


44k of out tires is a decent life. 6/32 is pretty worn. If your uncomfortable simply replace the front pair and place on the rear of the vehicle if FWD. Tires are relatively inexpensive and one of the few items on your vehicle that can save you.


New tires would be safer but 6/32 is good for a while longer. Keep the tires overinflated a small amount. This will force the wear back onto the center of the tire.

The exception would be if there has been any sidewall scrubbing or if there is any dry rot on the tires. The latter will be true if you can look in the depths of the tread and notice tiny cracks.
With either of these conditions I would definitely replace the tires.


How worn are the edges? If the blocks of rubber at the edges are now solidly connected due to the underinflation, then I’d recommend changing them even if the circumferencial grooves still have depth. Tires are cheap compared to the cost of an accident due to a blowout or hydroplaning. If you’re asking the question, then you need new tires.