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Front Rotors & Bearings

Getting ready to do front brakes and rotors on my truck. The new rotors come with races already installed. Is it wise to change the races to the ones that come with the new bearings?

In days past we always maintained the race/bearing relationship, I missed the memo on why this is not important anymore.

Fellow mechanic lost an eye pounding a race out, wear eye protection if you decide too change them.

Yes. Bearings and races “mate” to one another over time just like other wear parts do.

races and bearingd do mate over time, but if you are putting in new rotors with new races, put in new bearings at the same time and save yourself a busted knuckle. the new bearings may come with their own races, but no real need to change out the new races that are already in the new rotors. new is new pretty much esp. if the parts are same source. At least that is my humble view of it, and I still have two eyes.