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Front end vibration on left - brand new 2009 Rav 4

New 2009 Rav 4 with 260 miles for first time took on hwy at 55-60 mph and at 58 mph there is defineit vibration on left front . I think either tire not properly balanced or it is a bad tire.

Feel nothing in steering wheel. Feels as if constantly going over those spped bumps on one side only.

this is what your new car warranty is for. Take it back to the dealership and ask them to look at it. If they say it’s normal, ask to test drive several on the lot similar to yours to find out. If they all do it, it’s normal, if none of the others do it, tell them to fix it

Don’t try to give the dealership a diagnosis, as they will undoubtedly ignore it. Just take the car to the service dept, report the symptoms–in as much detail as possible–and allow them to follow the diagnostic protocol that they are required to go through on warranty issues.

No matter what the problem may turn out to be (and it is most likely one of the two scenarios that you have stated), you are covered under at least one of the warranties on the vehicle.